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IT service providers ilionx and QNH join forces.

Partnership in IT

As a ‘trusted advisor‘, QNH helps organisations to improve and adjust the course of its operational management. We accomplish this by deploying smart IT solutions. We combine new technologies with existing ones and we advise, develop, implement and manage. Our solutions focus on optimising the provision of information, implementing and managing IT architectures and applications including mobile applications. The right information available everywhere and at all times, access to the right applications and the most optimal workplaces – always based on future-ready platforms. By rationalising your IT landscape, we create room for innovations!

Professionalism, enthusiasm and collaboration are our core values. We collaborate with customers, partners and colleagues on the best IT solutions by connecting people and processes with the latest technologies, achieving mutual successes and learning from one another. This is what we call Partnership in IT.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not a goal by itself, it is a means to an even better operational management. Exactly that’s where QNH stands for! We combine the right solutions within our themes to help you through a digital transformation. Concrete and step by step. Fitting your goals and capabilities. But such a transformation only works if technology is in balance with the human dimension. Need help with your digital transformation? Call or email us directly!