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Privacy- en cookie statement

QNH Consulting B.V. changed its privacy policy according the GDPR/AVG guidelines. QNH Consulting is a part of the Q24 Management B.V. Management company, as is the described privacy statement below. The privacy statement concerns all products and services that are being offered by QNH trademark.

Why do we collect your data?

There is a simple answer to this question: we use the data we receive to improve our products and services, to provide support and to send notifications, offers, and promotions.

We utilize data that allows personal identification (personal data) for the following reasons:

To enable you to purchase services and to download information, to access services, and to participate in proposed activities;
To provide you with information about new and updated products and services, and other information you might request;
To send you newsletters, informative e-mails or other information concerning QNH;
To invite you to relevant events and seminars;
To send you information concerning a job opening that you applied for.
We utilize data that does not allow personal identification (non-personal data) for several purposes, like improving our products and services. For example: we can utilize non-personal data to create anonymous data profiles and to offer targeted marketing services to generate statistical data to improve and maintain our current products and services and to develop new products and services.

You can rest assured that we secure the data we collect. If you choose to utilize our products or services, you agree that your data will be collected, utilized, and shared in accordance with this privacy statement. This privacy statement applies to all products and services provided by QNH, unless stated differently.

How do we collect your data?

We collect your data in a variety of ways: whenever you voluntarily provide the data yourself (through downloading information from our website or when you subscribe for an event/seminar or when you apply to one of our job openings), automatically when you visit our website AND when you opt to utilize our services (if you are a customer). Some data will be collected automatically through cookies (on our website). Follow this link if you are curious about what a cookie is.

What data do we collect that might be used to identify you?

Some data that we collect might result in your identification (personal data). Examples of personal data are: your name, your job, or your e-mail.

Some personal data we only collect if you provide them to us. This might concern the name of your company, home address, other e-mails, phone number, and, if you utilize our products and services, your payment information (these are derived from the company in which you are currently employed).
Some personal data we collect automatically when you visit our website or when you utilize our products and services. Instances of data we collect this way can be some (or all) of the following:

  • Our IP-address (Internet Protocol)
  • Users and account information
  • Phone numbers
  • Device-ID’s, e.g. computer-ID, IMEI and/or MEID
  • Geographical location based on local information provided by GPS/Wi Fi/communication networks.

Unless we need the data concerning personal identification features, we will create the data we need anonymous and save these in such manner that you can’t be identified.

What data do we collect that cannot be used to identify you?

We collect a variety of data that cannot identify you (non-personal data). Even though we cannot mention every form of non-personal data, we aimed to provide you with some forms of non-personal data we collect with relevant examples, so it might be easier to understand what we mean.
We collect non-personal data to improve our products and services, e.g.:

Data concerning possible malware threats for your device and the target of the threats, including copies of files, and emails, filenames, cryptographic hash, supplier, size, date stamps, affiliated register keys etc.
Data concerning how you use our products and their operations, including information concerning your specific device, installation and removal frequency, language, technical parameters and the manufacturer of a device, security information (password features, level of encryption) etc.
Data concerning where our products and services are used, including the approximate location, zip code, area code, time zone and the URL followed to land on our product website.

Sometimes, the browse and search history contain terms that might lead to your identification. If we notice that you might be identified through your browse history, we will treat that part of your history as personal data and make it anonymous. In addition, we can merge the personal data we collect from you or make it anonymous. For example: we treat your exact location as personal data if this is saved separately but might merge the locations of multiple users in data collection so that we get insight in how many users live in a certain country. We will treat this merged information as non-personal data.

Do we share your data?

No. We will never sell or give your personal information to third-parties, without your permission.
We can however share some personal and non-personal data in case of special circumstances:

  • When it is needed to deliver the product or service you requested;
  • When you subscribe to an event and QNH shares participant data with present speakers or partners to prepare the event;
  • When it is authorized by a law or if it is necessary to meet the requirements of a legal process;
  • When it is necessary to protect QNH’s rights or the property, including the security of our products and services;
  • When it is necessary to protect personal safety, property or other rights relevant to the public, QNH or her customers and employees.
  • When it concerns the sale of our company or a part of it.

In case we are forced by law to provide your personal data to a third party, we will try all that falls in the commercially reasonable to inform you beforehand, unless this is forbidden by law. If we are involved in a merger, takeover, or sale of activa, we will conform to this privacy statement and all those concerned will be informed if we share personal data to third parties or if for personal data a different privacy statement will take into effect.

What rights do you have concerning your data?

You will reserve the right to ask us about the personal data that we process, the goal to why we process it, and the nature of the data processing and with whom we share the data.
You will reserve the right to ask us on any given moment to update, emend or to delete your personal data (as long as this does not influence the service we provide you with). We reserve the right to deny your requests given that these requests might compromise the privacy of others, are unreasonable or repetitive, or require unreasonable amounts of resources. Unless you specifically ask us to delete your data, we will reserve the right to save your personal data up to one year after you unsubscribe as customer (usually though, we will save your personal data no longer than reasonable to the end of which the means are collected).
You will reserve the right to unsubscribe for the usage or collection of certain data by us or third parties, including personal data and non-personal data, by sending an email with your request to privacy@qnh.nl including your motive.
You will always reserve the right to expect from us that we will protect and secure your personal data. We are putting every effort in protecting QNH and its users against unauthorized access or unauthorized modification, making public of, or destroy data we store. More specifically:

We will always conform to this privacy statement concerning all data we collect from you;
We will limit the usage and disclosure of your personal data and we will ensure that everyone with whom this data is shared with will treat this information with the privacy and security it deserves;
We have deployed industry-standards, accepted physical, technical and administrative procedures to guarantee and protect the data we collect.

How can you contact us?

If you have any questions concerning this policy or about the before mentioned, please send an e-mail to privacy@qnh.nl directed to our Data Security Officer (Jolijn ten Hoopen). You can also contact us through physical mail using the following address:

QNH Consulting B.V.
T.a.v. Jolijn ten Hoopen

Hogehilweg 24
1101 CD Amsterdam

What else do you need to know?

From time to time, it might happen that our services contain URLs from and to websites or other external destinations that are hosted by third parties. If you follow a URL to one of these destinations (e.g. services of partners of QNH, etc.), then please take into account that these websites carry out their own policies concerning privacy. If you visit an aforementioned website, you will have to follow their policies, and therefore you will be expected to familiarize yourself with their regulations before you send any personal information to these websites.
We might also incorporate URLs to websites with brand combinations that are maintained by Q24 Management B.V. and one or more of our partners. Websites with brand combinations can also carry out their own privacy policies. We suggest you familiarize yourself with these policies.



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