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The service we provide responds to the preferences and priorities of our customers. We provide added value by listening closely and looking together for the most suitable solution. These themes evolve with a changing market and so do our services. The themes below fit in with the rationalisation of your IT landscape and create room for continued innovation.

Business Analytics

Want to know which information is hidden in the data of your company? Do you want to start using this concretely? QNH improves the performance of companies by smartly analysing all the information available inside and outside of these organisations. We do this by converting biased internal data into useful information for your organisation.

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Do you want to quickly adapt to new developments in IT and to switch over in a flexible manner? Is the security of your data very important and do you want to operate compliantly? This is possible with QNH’s Cloud Computing solutions.

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Digital Experience

Does your company engage in lots of customer contact and do you have the impression that this could become more efficient? Or do you have a web shop that sees lots of traffic, but is the conversion lagging? QNH’s Digital Experience solution focuses on optimising the user experience of your customers and employees.

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