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Business Analytics

Want to know which information is hidden in the data of your company? Do you want to start using this concretely? QNH improves the performance of companies by smartly analysing all the information available inside and outside of these organisations. We do this by converting biased internal data into useful information for your organisation. We do this beyond the ability of other companies. We do not only perform standard analyses and reports. Based on the available data, we search for solid improvements for your company’s performance. With each step, our underlying precepts are your company strategy, its corporate culture and the information with which you want to manage. That enables us to obtain clear and applicable insights.


All sources of data that we have at our disposal contain lots of hidden information. There is so much information; that’s why we believe that every company can reap benefits from it. How? Everything begins with collecting structured and unstructured Big Data. But only collecting the data is not enough; we also take this a step further by analysing this non-biased data and to let it work for your company. All this data can provide a company with useful information for achieving its targeted objectives faster.


QNH works with numerous Business Analytics solutions. By analysing your data intensively, we obtain new insights that are useful for your operational management.

Plan of action

Every company is different, which is why we don’t use a fixed plan of action in Business Analytics. Instead we focus on the unique strengths of your company and the issues that you face. That way we help you improve your company’s performance.

In order to improve your company’s performance, we will analyse all data available for your company. We will convert internal data into usable information with which you can swiftly implement improvements. However, this is not the final step: we also extensively analyse external data.

We analyse external data from an unbiased perspective. We look for hidden insights using econometrists, experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, and mathematics consultants. Our focus on data, statistics, and algorithms guarantees that bias can be controlled. We produce reliable predictions and insights for your company by using a large quantity of data.



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