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Do you want to quickly adapt to new developments in IT and to switch over in a flexible manner? Is the security of your data very important and do you want to operate compliantly? This is possible with QNH’s Cloud Computing solutions. By working in the cloud, you can reduce your costs and increase your flexibility. IT environments are easily created and can be quickly adapted to changes. We have the insight, the know-how and the experience to meticulously apply developments into existing or new infrastructures.


In recent years, flex work has become more and more important. In the future, the interest in flex work will only increase, because more and more people are employed in various places and timeframes. QNH considers it important to have companies and organisations use Cloud Computing in a fast and secure manner. We believe that a stable, reliable and adjustable IT infrastructure contributes to the innovation and growth of every organisation. That is why we are independent and we choose to have a long-term relationship with your company. Based on our solutions, we ensure – in collaboration with you – that your company’s performance is at its best. We integrate a tailored cloud commodity.


QNH works with numerous Cloud Computing solutions. These solutions enable you to utilise the cloud in a fast and flexible manner with the following solutions:
– Cloud Assessment
– Cloud Hosting
– Cloud InControl

Plan of action

Still have doubts about working in the cloud and in need of more information about it? Or have you decided to switch to working in the cloud, but you need help in the entire implementation? Entirely on an independent basis, we will assist you with everything related to Cloud Computing for your company.

It is important to identify all expectations and preferences before your company can start working with Cloud Computing. With your collaboration and input, we can therefore determine your exact demand, the scope within which we will approach the demand, and the stakeholders involved in the implementation of Cloud Computing.

We work with you in finding answers to your questions in order to derive a solution that fits in with your company. We do this in the course of one or more workshops. QNH conducts these workshops and supplies the substantive knowledge in order to obtain an answer. The stakeholders will be involved in this phase. In this manner, we establish the foundation for potential follow-up processes and your stakeholders become experts.

Ensuing from the outcome of the workshops, QNH prepares a report concerning the realisation of your cloud ambition. Our objective is that the report will be supported by your stakeholders. We ensure that this report is presented in the format of your choice.

Once you are satisfied with our proposals, we will take care of the implementation, if you so desire. We optimise the IT landscape where necessary and ensure that the business processes run more efficiently thanks to our cloud solution.

Once you are operating in the cloud, it is time to evaluate all solutions. We determine how you like operating in the cloud, we discover potential bottlenecks, and we make adjustments where necessary. We continue to implement improvements until you are fully satisfied.



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