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Digital Experience

Does your company engage in lots of customer contact and do you have the impression that this could become more efficient? Or do you have a web shop that sees lots of traffic, but is the conversion lagging? QNH’s Customer Interaction solution focuses on optimising the user experience of your customers and employees. Our approach is based on developing the best IT solution by linking people and processes to the latest technologies.


Good user experience of your customer portal is vital for a high level of customer satisfaction. QNH believes that technology must do more than just operate; the solution offered must be good, fast and easy to use. Our Digital Experience solutions ensure that companies make the experience of their customers as positive as possible. Our goal is to implement technology in such a way that users don’t actually feel its presence, but do appreciate its easiness. That way we achieve added value for your company in the area of IT.


Is your company looking for a way to make customer activities more systemized? And do you want to provide better service to your customers? With Customer Interaction solutions, QNH will help your company optimise the user experience of your customer portals. Moreover, by connecting various systems, we will make the handling of customer mutations more efficient.

Plan of action

Improve the User Experience: that is the goal of Customer Interaction. Our solution focuses on optimising the user experience of your customers and employees. Our approach is based on developing the best IT solution by linking people and processes to the latest technologies. We develop the systems with the Agile approach.

Do you have an telephonic customer service, but would you like to resolve as many customer questions as possible online? In that case, it is important for your customers to know their way around your online platforms. We assist you in comprehensively mapping your online strategy.

In order to reduce the number of contacts with customers by telephone, it is important to properly identify the steps a customer goes through. Only then will your customers be able to find answers to their questions themselves. We establish the foundation for your new system based on this Customer Journey.

Using the Customer Journey, QNH will begin to create the IT solution required to optimise the User Experience. We improve the ways of working, we rebuild the website, and we ensure that all systems are flexible and properly operating.

Once the foundation of the system is up and running, we carry on with continuously improving the processes. Each week, a permanent team delivers a piece of operational software that will improve the customer experience. Thanks to our Agile method, matters can be dealt with swiftly and we are able to constantly optimise the system.

Are you satisfied with your new system? And would you like to continuously improve? We provide 24/7 support and take care of all your digital channels for the duration of the contract, if so desired.



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