Enterprise Mobility

Do you want to work more efficiently by making better use of mobile devices? Do you think your company will be more productive if it uses apps? QNH lets you see where your opportunities are in the area of Enterprise Mobility. By supplying smarter applications that allow your company to work faster and more adequately, we guarantee you greater efficiency. Our solution enables users to be more productive with their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, but also with smartwatches and smart glasses. Based on your business drivers, we develop a mobile solution that fits your organisation, processes, all the available data and the current infrastructure. For this purpose we use QNH’s in-house expertises: from Business Intelligence to delve deeper into your data to User Experience to create the best possible user convenience.


QNH believes in using mobile devices in order to work more efficiently. What propels us in Enterprise Mobility is that we can help companies become more productive by means of innovative solutions. By enabling users to work with mobile devices and apps quickly and securely, we create added value for your company. In-house, we have all the knowledge required to enable your employees to work more effectively via mobile devices. This way we respond to the technological developments that make mobile work simple and we provide more returns within your company.


Mobile devices play a tremendous role in our daily lives, both privately and at work. Yet businesses can still gain far more in the area of efficiency and productivity. QNH uses mobile devices to get business processes better organised. We make apps available on all the vital platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows and HTML 5. Below you can see which solutions we can implement for you.
– Mobile Device Management
– Mobility Quick Scan

Our initial step is to identify the business drivers of your company in the field of Enterprise Mobility. We describe which employees can perform which actions in the system in a use case. We outline the problems that you encounter and explain how we can resolve these by using mobile technology. In doing so, we keep an eye on your organisation, the business processes, and the current infrastructure.

We will begin developing a strategy once it is clear where the opportunities reside for your company. We analyse how we can realise the plans prepared in the initial step. We also analyse the preferences and needs of stakeholders. In addition, we identify the platforms and systems that we will use in the third step, the implementation.

In order to integrate the apps in your company, we optimise the business processes prior to implementation. We then develop apps that will make your business processes run more efficiently. This will increase productivity and save costs. Furthermore, we do not just look at the evident processes, but delve deeper into the data to detect hidden problems and provide solutions for those problems. We realise those solutions by means of software such as Microsoft SharePoint, Airwatch, and Citrix XenMobile.

We will continue to check whether everything is functioning optimally once the apps have been integrated in your company. We measure the performance of the solutions and make suggestions for improvement. In this manner, we always remain up-to-date and keep pace with the latest technological developments and changes in your company.

Plan of actions

Do you want to use mobile applications to increase the productivity in your organisation? QNH analyses how management, security and flexibility within your company can be regulated. The Maturity Model describes which improvements we can realise in the area of Enterprise Mobility. In four clear steps, we will innovate the processes in your company by using mobile applications. With each step, we keep an eye on you business vision.



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